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Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, MO is the home of the Francis Schaeffer Institute, a group dedicaed to the study and extension of the late Christian philosopher’s work.  The theme of this year’s Schaeffer Lectures sponsored by the seminary and the Institute and held this past week was Taking Citizenship Seriously: Christian Responsibility in Today’s Political Context.  The primary speaker was Dr. Jim Skillen, President of the Center for Public Justice.  Specific topics were:

  • Part 1: Presidential Politics in a Post-Everything America (with John Hancock)
  • Part 2: McCain vs. Obama: Christian Electoral Tensions
  • Part 3: Cynicism and Idealism: Redeeming Political Structures
  • Part 4: God Bless America and Global Politics: Where Is Jesus?
  • Part 5: Christian Leadership in Poverty and Family Initiative Reform

As we come down to the conclusion of this years very contentious election season, we as Christians need to be thinking carefully about the issues being raised by the two campaigns from a biblical worldview, and material like this can be useful in preparing us to carry on a reasoned and reasonable dialogue with our friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

Audio files are available free for download, or via Podcast here.  Hope you’ll take the time to listen to these.

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  1. Now that I have had the chance to listen to a couple of these lectures, let me clarify what you should expect from them. You won’t get a guide on where the candidates stand on the issues relative to a Christian worldview. What you will get is a framework for how you should be thinking about voting from a much larger historical and cultural context as well as an understanding of the larger historical context in which this election takes place. I think you’ll find it helpful if you have the right expectations.

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