LetMyPeopleRead.org is created in response to the general abdication of the life of the mind in today’s evangelical Christian culture especially, but also in the culture generally. We desire to encourage re-balancing the spirituality equation to include a basis in reason alongside experience and encourage testing experience against the standard of the Bible.


LetMyPeopleRead.org is targeted toward Christians and those exploring Christianity. As people of the Word, we desire to point the target audience toward resources, both original and from other sources, so that they may:

  1. Become better students of the Bible and the God it reveals;
  2. Become thoughtful readers of contemporary culture in light of the Bible;
  3. Exercise their minds toward the renewal described in Romans 12:2; and
  4. Be equipped to lead others in the same direction.


Broadly put, our theology is Reformed. Although LetMyPeopleRead.org is not officially affiliated with any denomination or church, we are members of a Southern Baptist Church, and as such the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 is a good summary of our beliefs. That being said, our Reformed theology also finds great sympathy with much, but not all, of the Westminster Confession of Faith.


Our Team

Ken Stockdell – Editor